Art Deco Alexandrite Rings

The Art Deco style originated in France before World War I and is quite distinctive with its geometric appearance, universally known for its long sleek lines and attention to symmetry, plus perfect balance. Introduced to the world as a luxurious style that enveloped an air of glamour and prestige, the splashy appearance of Art Deco (or just Deco) showcased unforgettable glamour with contemporary elements.

Our Art Deco alexandrite rings are a celebration of the Art Deco style, coupled with modern wearability that is designed to suit any special occasion. Our custom-made Art Deco rings showcase an air of effortless elegance combined with gorgeous lab created gemstones.

Each ring is fashioned with a light-weight resilience composed of fine metals and high-quality alexandrite. Our collection of vintage-inspired Art Deco Alexandrite Rings feature a variety of gorgeous concepts that encompass all the aspects of this era that we adore.

Alexandrite is a truly unique stone, with its color-change ability, making it a collector’s item for the gemstone lover. An Art Deco Alexandrite Ring makes a unique selection for an engagement ring or promise ring.

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