Alexandrite Claddagh Rings

Our beautiful Alexandrite Claddagh rings feature an alexandrite stone that is securely prong set in the center of this revered Irish design. Each of our custom-made Alexandrite Claddagh ring features precise attention to detail that showcases the Irish heritage in style with added notes of glamour. Milgrain beaded edges give a chainmail appearance to our gorgeous Claddagh rings that have a vintage appeal.

 Alexandrite is one of the most mesmerizing of colored stones available on the market, appearing to change color depending on the angle it is viewed. This unique habit is referred to as color-change.  Alexandrite exhibits a range of colors including bluish-green to purplish-red, along with undertones of gray. 

 Alexandrite is the birthstone for June and is said to symbolize love and luck, along with an increased fortune in all paths of life. Alexandrite is thought of as a positive omen, drawing in positive energy from everyday experiences

Shop our beautful Alexandrite Claddagh Ring selection. View our Alexandrite Claddagh rings in many types of shaped and metals for yourself or a loved one. Browse all Claddagh Rings here. 

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