Amethyst Claddagh Rings

Known as the gemstone of royalty, the vivacious amethyst exhibits a range of purple hues from the lightest of lilacs to intense dark shades of purple, along with shades of plum in between. Amethyst is a variety of the mineral quartz and is the sister stone to other quartzes, such as citrine.

 Amethyst is a durable gemstone, which makes it perfect for frequent wear. Known as the master healer of the gems, amethyst helps clear the chakras of negative energy and promote feelings of serenity.Our cherishable amethyst Claddagh rings are made with love and attention to detail, finely crafted with premium metals. A  antique detailing throughout brings this Claddagh design to life, accented by beaded milgrain around the edges for an added vintage appeal.

 Each hand-selected amethyst is nestled in the center of the ring complemented by a crown on one side of the top, amplifying the concept of royalty.  Pair this exquisite amethyst Claddagh ring with a wedding band and wear it as a unique amethyst engagement ring. Perfect as a promise ring or an everyday amethyst ring, our amethyst Claddagh rings are suited for all occasions.

Celebrate your Irish heritage every day with our generous selection of precious and semi-precious gemstone Claddagh rings. Browse all our Claddagh Rings 

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