Blue Topaz Claddagh Rings

Our Claddagh rings feature a vivacious blue topaz prong set in the center of this revered Irish cultural design. Finely crafted with premium metals, each blue topaz Claddagh ring features the famous Claddagh motif that showcases a crown (loyalty), open heart in the middle (love), and hands that meet at the top (friendship), all finished in a bright polish with black antique detailing throughout.

Reminiscent of the sparkling sea or the sky on a beautiful day that is clear of clouds, the blue topaz is one of the most popular of the semi-precious gemstones and is the designated birthstone for December, along with blue zircon and turquoise. Blue topaz is most often clear and free of inclusions, glittering with vibrancy in the sunlight with its cheerful blue hue.

Whether it is a birthday gift for that special someone in mind, our Claddagh rings are fashioned with dimensions that are perfect for frequent wear. Are you seeking a blue topaz engagement ring or blue topaz promise ring? Our selection of blue topaz Claddagh rings is the ultimate choice for something truly unique and special. Browse all Claddagh Rings.

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