Claddagh Engagement Rings

Allow us to showcase our one-of-a-kind Claddagh Engagement Rings that feature a generous selection meant for your special wedding occasion. Each Irish engagement ring is hand-designed by us and features a sparkling stone of your selection.  We offer a large variety of colored gemstones, including precious and semi-precious varieties.

 Entrenched in Irish culture and appreciated around the world, the Claddagh ring displays a multitude of emotions and meanings behind each finely-tuned detail. The hands of the ring represent friendship, which is the foundation for any long-term relationship. The heart symbolizes love/adoration, and the crown represents loyalty, which cements this commitment that is meant to last a lifetime.

 Whether you are of Irish ancestry or just adore the remarkable beauty of the Claddagh, we invite you to shop our online catalog of Irish Claddagh engagement rings.

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