Emerald Claddagh Engagement Rings

Our emerald Claddagh engagement rings symbolize virtue and commitment, with each component of this popular Irish design that reflects love and adoration. The crown on one side of the ring symbolizes loyalty, the heart in the center means love, and the hands that meet at the top of the ring represent friendship, one of the most vital factors to any important relationship.

 Our bespoke emerald Claddagh ring features a modern update to this classic Irish pattern, exuding a luxurious presence that is entrenched by Irish culture. Our emerald Claddagh rings feature a hand-picked high-quality emerald in the center, amplifying this lush green color that Ireland is associated with. Emeralds add an air of effortless prestige because of their sheer innate natural beauty.

 Emeralds are one of the designated birthstones for May or are a suitable choice for those who truly appreciate this precious green gemstone. Each striking emerald Claddagh engagement ring features keen attention to detail with meticulous texture accents on the metal as part of the design, lending an antique quality to these modern Claddagh engagement rings. Browse all Claddagh Enagagement Rings  

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