Garnet Claddagh Rings

Our garnet Claddagh rings feature a faceted garnet prong set in the center of the distinctive Claddagh design, framed by a heart shape that features a milgrain detail that lends a vintage appeal. This garnet in the heart is offset by the detailed hands that meet at the top, finished with a bold Crown one side, lending these Claddagh rings their intriguing asymmetrical shape.

Red garnet is the designated birthstone for January, revered for its vibrant reddish-brown to brownish-red hues. Red garnet is also a durable semi-precious gemstone, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Enjoy the warm inviting color of red garnet each time you wear it, showing off its intense overall hue with incredible saturation.

The heart represents love and commitment, the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the hands denote friendship, which makes this world-famous Claddagh Irish motif so highly appreciated and cherishable. Customized in premium fine metals in a bright polish finish, each of our custom made garnet Claddagh rings makes an ideal present for birthdays, engagement, or promise rings.

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