Ruby Claddagh Rings

Our Ruby Claddagh ring will be a perfect to express your love and desire. We carry a variety of Ruby Claddagh rings. Enchased in white gold or silver ruby shimmers with delicate yet powerful scarlet color, signifying power, determination and resolve.True color of love and passion, red is adored and cherished by many people worldwide, which is why rubies have been considered gems of passion and love since the dawn of times. Browse all Claddagh Rings here. 

Our Ruby Claddagh Rings are meant to last a lifetime, featuring hand-selected vibrant rubies that make each Irish ring a unique treasure to own and cherish. Expertly designed in a bright polished finish with precise attention to detail and craftsmanship, each Irish ruby ring presents the distinctive Claddagh design with dimensional hands that meet at the top, showcasing the center-set ruby that is securely prong set and perfectly suited for frequent wear. Milgrain detailing around the edges adds a vintage style, complete with a gorgeous crown on one side bringing this spectacular Irish motif to life.

Our high-quality rubies exhibit a deep saturated rich red hue, along with beautiful undertones. This intense red makes this precious colored gemstone a must-have for any gemstone enthusiast.  The ruby is known to represent nobility, and paired with the Claddagh style, amplifies this symbolism in a remarkable design entrenched with cultural heritage.

Love is meant to last a lifetime. This fiery red precious ruby Irish Claddagh ring is the ideal gift for that special someone in mind and is perfectly suited as a promise ring or an engagement ring.  The Claddagh crown on top of the ruby represents loyalty, enhancing this overall concept of commitment and eternal love.

Ruby is the birthstone for July and is part of the “Big 3'' precious colored stones that also include sapphire (ruby’s sister stone that is of the family corundum) and emerald (beryl).

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