Sapphire Claddagh Rings

Sapphire is available in a rainbow of incredible colors and is one of the most desirable of the precious colored stones on the market. Our sapphire Claddagh rings seek to amplify the natural beauty of these precious stones that are gracefully nestled in this classic Irish design.

 Sapphire is the birthstone for September and is known as the “protection” stone, aiding the wearer along their life’s journey and warding off negativity in their path.  Sapphire enhances the third eye chakra, increasing intuition and self-awareness, helping to relieve stress and promote clear thinking.

 Sapphire is a fantastic precious colored stone substitute for diamonds,and  for those who seek a unique sapphire engagement ring. Our Claddagh sapphire engagement rings celebrate the Irish culture, in addition to showcasing the incredible tones and saturations that the sapphire displays.

Each precious sapphire is hand-selected and securely set into a multi-prong setting in the middle of the heart on the Claddagh ring. A beautiful crown sits on the top of the heart, symbolizing loyalty, complemented by the two hands that wrap around the front, denoting everlasting friendship. Crafted with premium metals and attention to detail, each of our Claddagh sapphire engagement rings is made with precision and expertise, exposing the gorgeous vibrancy of the sapphire that will be noticed time and time again.

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